Mark van Velsen

Passionate photographer

Started in 2011 as a self-taught photographer and still growing as a person and as a business...


----- When I deliver my images they need to be full of detail. That's what's important to me and gives the most professional look. -----

As a photographer I want to deliver the highest achievable quality.

This can be achieved by the best gear, the way Lighting is used but also the post-processing is a big part of that.

Click the button below to see how detailed and crisp the images look when I deliver them to my clients.

My own style

As a Photographer you want to create your own signature

----- It's quite hard to do something 'new' something 'original'.
I try this every day with every shoot I do so that I have that unique 'Mark-signature' in the images I deliver. I think my 'Dark Beauty Project' is a great example of that.-----


Photo Shoots

Since the beginning of my photography I have done about 2100+ Photo shoots already and still counting...


Sent images

In those Photo shoots I deliver images and in total I'm exceeding 10.000 images already. Those are all individually edited...

89%Technical Camera Skills

86%Photoshop Skills

76%Lighting skills



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